Praise the Lord, all ye nations      
Psalms 117:1       
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Welcome to the Bible Server Homepage!
Our vision is to make the Bible available on the internet to as many people as possible. Millions of people throughout the world still have no access to God's word. Our goal is to provide the translation of the Bible on our website in every major language spoken in the world. Currently we have 40 languages. Potentially we can reach two thirds of the world's population, 4.6 billion people.

We use Unicode character set in our Bible. The speakers of Eastern Asian languages don't need to install special programs or fonts to read our website. Our Bible is also capable of displaying right-to-left scripts for Hebrew and Arabic text. We don't use vibrant Flash animations or Javascripts. The pages are simple and they load fast.

The available translations are listed on the left side of the page. Other languages are coming soon. The parallel reading function makes the Bible available in the combination of the main- and a selected second language.

We constructed a searchable Bible. You can enter one to three keywords separated by commas. If you check "AND" the search results will contain all the words entered. If you check "match" , the entered keywords will match the beginning of each word in the searched text.

To get started please select a translation.