Flag Counter  

About the Flagcounter

The main reason of the Flagcounter is raising funds or least awareness of the Online Bible Project. Our goal is to make the Online Bible available to literally everyone in every major language. The Bible has been translated into 2900 languages. We have 10 out of the 2900 translations on our sever. There is a lot of work to do. Until today we have not had any sponsors or supporters.
Free Accounts
We offer a free Flagcounter on the website of Bible Preaching Churches only. New counters are activated instantly, however each account is subject to final approval. The number of free accounts is limited. As the server's traffic increases we may not accept new free Flagcounters.
Upgraded Flagcounters
Upgraded Flagcounters are available for websites with Christian content only. The cost is $5 per month, payable for a full year. If you have a free account, you can upgrade it for a year by donating $60 to the Bible Project. If you log in into your account, the link is on the bottom of the page. Once we receive the payment, the advertising will be removed from the counter.
How Does It Work?
When you register, a code will be given to you. You need to paste it into the html code of your website. Every time a visitor goes to your website, the program identifies the country by IP address and increases the counter.

Technical Data
The maximum number of flags you can collect is 50.
On the control panel you can set the number of columns and rows, how the flags will show on the counter.
Every time you change the number of the columns / rows , a new code will be given to you, which goes into the html code of your website.
For free accounts the allowed number of columns / rows should be between 4 and 8.
For upgraded accounts you can pick a background colour from the chart and paste the hex code into the form.
To reset the counter, mark the checkbox on the control panel.