Praise the Lord, all ye nations      
Psalms 117:1       
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The Flagcounter
The main reason of the Flagcounter is raising funds or least awareness of the Online Bible Project. Our goal is to make the Online Bible available to literally everyone in every major language. The Bible has been translated into 2900 languages. We have 42 out of the 2900 on our sever. There is a lot of work to do. Until today we have not had any sponsors or supporters.
Have your own Flagcounter for your website
The Flagcounter (see the bottom of the page) comes in a basic and an upgraded version. The free Flagcounter has two links to the Bible server. The upgraded version costs only $5 per month, payable $60 annually for the full year. The links to the Bible Server will be removed and you can collect up to 50 flags. You can pick the background colour and the frame comes in many various sizes.
Have your FREE Flagcounter ready in two minutes: register now         read more